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                 Employment eidos

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                Want Want is a family that is formed together by talented people. The corporate success is all due to the hard work and intelligence of each and every Want Want employee. Employees are the most valuable asset a corporate can have, Want Want provides a stage for all employees, hoping each one of them perform with the company eidos “Fate, Confidence, Unison”.


                Since employees are such an important asset to the company, Want Want pick their employees carefully, the most important characteristics the company looks for is ‘honesty’, ‘hardworking’ and ‘kindliness’. Collecting talented people into the company allows us to grow faster and further.


                We commit ourselves to every single employees by giving them a comfortable working environment and culture them to willingly give the company their loyalty. The human resource department’s objective is to let every employee work together to achieve company goals, this unison can lead us to Elite Dragons of the World.






                   Copy Right Trademarks Want Want China Holdings Limited