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                We salute firefighters and other rescue workers in Tianjin- Want Want donated RMB $5 millions

                The massive explosion happened in the mid-night on 12th August that rocked the Tianjin Tanggu in China. All of us having the heavy heart and it’s very sad and touching of the firefighter victims whom to assist in the rescue effort.

                The chairman Mr. Tsai Eng-Meng of Want Want China Holdings Ltd. from Taiwan indicated Want Want foundation to donate and contribute Want Want’s beverage and rice crackers to Tianjin Tanggu in the first place for offering the comfort to the resident survivors and their families.

                August 13, Want Want China Holdings Ltd. donated five millions yuan to the firemen, armed policemen and their families who on duty in Tanggu blast accident by Taiwan Affairs Office and the Taiwan Affairs Office of Tianjin.

                Want Want Group would like to express the deepest condolence to the victims, and send the blessings to the citizens who suffered the loss of loved ones and property damages.

                Want Want Group said those firefighters who sacrificed in the large explosion are admirable and heroic. All Want Want people pay tribute to all the heroes and pray for Tanggu.



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